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Inner Terra

A Bridget Fiske & Co project / Produced by Project Auske

A duet for public spaces, 'Inner Terra’ is a documentary inscribed through the body, exploring conflict, compassion and chaos.

Developed from research outcomes realised during the multi European Union residency project 'YES Move. NO Move. Moved', realised within the framework of BeSpectACTive!

"Balancing SUPERCELL’s stylistic breadth was its tight focus on the themes of globalisation and identity, which flowed through the entire programme.

Particular mentions to Bridget Fiske’s ‘Inner Terra’ and Hepi and Wasasala’s ‘Passing’ for their powerful exploration of cultural assimilation and its impact on identity. Both duets used physical exchanges, and the friction between the two bodies, to demonstrate how cultural assimilation works on and through our bodies, and the emotional marks it leaves."

- Alana Tierney, Scenestre - 

"Inner Terra by Bridget Fiske + a duet on heavily-researched themes of migration, crisis and outsiderness... Inner Terra is already a satisfying piece of work. Intelligent, emotional and with some powerfully strong and distinctive choreography...the connection between Fiske and Lau is compelling, and Fiske especially moves so wonderfully that the pair are engrossing to watch. A thought-provoking piece full of subtle imagery that sends your mind off on a consideration of the themes at play."​

- Peter Jacobs, The Public Reviews, on work in progress performance April 22, 2016 as part of TURN 2016 -


Available for partnerships and programming


Presented as part of the opening night program at the inaugural Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance, AUS

Presented with seminar and masterclass, at University of Salford, UK


Presented as a work in development as part of TURN at Contact, Manchester, UK


Bridget Fiske


Bridget Fiske & Joseph Lau


Miguel Marin

Costume Design

Bridget Fiske

Rehearsal Direction (Australia)

Storm Helmore

UK Independent Producer (2016-2017)

Tricia Coleman

Lighting Designer (2017)

Andrew Crofts



Jade Aitchison, Clare Courtney, Shona Roberts, Catherine Simmonds, Lyndsey Thomas, Amy Voris and those who shared their experiences with us.

'Inner Terra' Includes extracts from an interview with Tamara Raftović Loštrek (Slovenia, 2015)

Supported by University of Salford and Stalder Academy

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