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Project Auske is a creative house of people, ideas and movement,
where art making and sharing are boundless

Image of 'Corpus Alimentation' from 'They Gather', photo by Eamonn Sweeney - CreativeImageworx

Informed by the extensive choreographic, movement, and performance practices of its Founders and Directors Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau, Project Auske embraces interdisciplinarity.


Celebrating this foundation and embracing inquiry, Project Auske works at the edges of artistic forms and the coexistence and intersection of ideas and values. 

Project Auske moves artistic projects and people together to greatly impact the world we are all responsible for and find belonging in.

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Image from ATOM Choreographic series #3, BG

After more than 20 years of working and practicing as multi-faceted artists, Fiske and Lau have developed Project Auske to empower themselves and others to make (possible and impossible) artistic work with a multiplicity of scope, meaning, and impact.

This creative house is an infrastructure built on philosophies, values, dreams, and practices. It creates spaces for belonging, risk-taking, revelatory responses, multiplicities, and creative manifestations in order to engage with emergent ideas and issues, the evolution of living, and what most matters, excites, and concerns us. 

This Creative House

Via self-organisation, partnerships, and collaborations, Project Auske develops, empowers, and houses:

  • the collaborative and individual artistic projects of Fiske and Lau,

  • models for research, workshopping, and facilitating artistic practices and creative experiences,

  • resourcefulness, knowledge, and skills via coaching and mentoring, and

  • project management and curation initiatives.

We have created, produced, curated, collaborated on, and facilitated:

  • live performances of varied scales from one-to-one experiences to international festival works and mass participation works,

  • radio plays,

  • moving image works,

  • international video letter collections,

  • live and digital interactive works,

  • choreographic laboratories,

  • international artistic exchanges,

  • publications and resources

  • coaching and mentoring,

  • workshops, and masterclasses. 

We work where we are and across the globe, contributing to the development of ideas, people, creativity, place, and art form.

As international artists, and in our dual identity as both Australian and British citizens, we (Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau of Project Auske) acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea, and community.

We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures; and to Elders past and present. We also acknowledge and pay our respects to First Nations peoples across this blue planet.


Our projects reach people in imagined spaces, virtual spaces, living spaces, overlooked spaces, popular spaces, temporary spaces, green spaces, and more. 


We invite people to come in, be at our table and engage with ideas and work as stakeholders, partners, collaborators, programmers, contributors, associates, active inquirers, and spectators. We want to celebrate with you, challenge with you, be challenged by you, and create with you.

Ways. People. Places

Local & Global Reach

Informed by the dual nationalities and international histories of its Directors, which have contributed positively to opportunity, understanding, and artistry, Project Auske is an organisation with international priorities, scope, and reach. 


Project Auske has to date led and partnered on creative projects that have supported collaboration between artists and organisations from the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Pakistan, and more.


As well as creating and producing live works and activities, Project Auske realises projects of varied modalities and forms that reach audiences via digital platforms (e.g. streaming, broadcast), the licencing of creative resources and works (e.g. to festivals, organisations, artists, educators and communities for re-creation) and publishing, 


These international and distributed focuses enable Project Auske to create and partner on projects that engage stakeholders, partners, artists and audiences across the globe. 


Within this international scope is a strong commitment to local activity, artists, people, communities, sectors and places. Project Auske is driven to make positive and sustainable contributions and be a part of our collective growth.

'Corpus Alimentation' 7 Photo by Eamonn Sweeney_edited.jpg
Image of 'Corpus Alimentation' from 'They Gather', photo by Eamonn Sweeney - CreativeImageworx / Image of 'Inner Terra' / Image of 'Never The Foxes'', photo by Brian Slater



Art making and sharing is boundless.



To enable Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau to make (possible and impossible) artistic work with a multiplicity of scope, meaning, and impact.


By leveraging Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau’s histories, dedication and skills, Project Auske moves artistic projects and peoples together to greatly impact the world we are all responsible for and find belonging in.




The arts and culture are critical to the evolution of living. They are a part of our freedoms, our sensing and sense making and our progression - we can look back, be in the now, and look forward to know this. This is all worth crossing continents for. We are not meant to sit down, we are movement -  living is better when you put the music on and dance - moving makes a difference, belief changes things.


Inquiry propels and embraces practice, time, research, reiteration and the multiples. This reveals for us meaningful, challenging and quality outcomes. Inquiry challenges us to be present, relevant, radical, value knowledge and challenge what is known in who we are, what we do and what we create. We value what is revealed through the emergent and the liminal (being challenged in the questions, learning through doing) - this makes us and our work better.


We are committed to empowering creativity and making art happen. With integrity, authenticity, responsiveness and tenacity, we make the most of ideas and opportunities - failure is not a deterrent - failure leads us to the good stuff. Valuing and bringing people, experience, need, skill and ideas together empowers the building of capacity and capability to design ways to realise creative abundance, organise and contribute to consciousness.


Care is response and action driven by awareness.



What We Do

What We Do
ACS#3_Final presentation_10.09_edited.jpg


Project Auske initiates, partners, collaborates, and works on Creative Projects locally, nationally, and internationally.

Informed by the imaginative, sensitive, and rigorous practices of Bridget and Joseph, Project Auske can direct, choreograph, facilitate and collaborate on projects across art forms and with varied audiences at their heart.


Workshops & Facilitation

Project Auske, designs and delivers a range of workshops, development and training experiences for artists, active inquirers, communities, learners and professionals across many sectors.


Curation & Producing

Project Auske, curates and produces artistic development activities, creative works, projects, and events, that excite and resonate with participants and audiences

25_TheBodyOfUs_17Feb2018_DanceSampled_TheLowry_BridgetFiske&Co_PhotographerJosephLau (1)_e


Project Auske creates artistic projects, content, and products that reach people where they are. From online choreographic scores, to projects such as 'The Body Of Us' that can be recreated by artists and communities, to written works, to videos about practices, Project Auske is building a library of resources.



Bridget Fiske

Co-Artistic Director

Bridget brings over 20 years of experience as a Choreographer, Director, Movement Director, Collaborator, Performer, Rehearsal Director, Producer, Curator, Facilitator, Lecturer and Mentor to Project Auske.

DSCF5338 (1).jpg

Joseph Lau

Co-Artistic Director

Joseph brings over 20 years of experience as a Choreographer, Director, Collaborator, Performer, Producer, Curator, Facilitator, Lecturer, Mentor, Board Member and Finance Professional to Project Auske.

Collaborators & Partners


We are thrilled to have been supported by, worked, collaborated, and partnered with the following organisations and individuals.
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Website Design

Bridget Fiske

Photographers whose work appears on this site

Bridget Fiske, Eamonn Sweeney - CreativeImageworx, Joseph Lau, Matt Kowalczuk, Mike Park, Nadia Milford, Point Of View, Sammie Williams, SBeausy Photography, Tamsin Drury, Victor Isabel Bueno and Georgia Brown

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